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Cindy van Lieshout-Eman cutting grass with scissors.
Jaswant Mirpuri and Nigelino da Costa Gomez at LA Blockchain Summit.
Drone shot from a Food Forest in Otrobanda.
Caroline Weber and Cindy van Lieshout-Eman on a farm, planting seeds.
Kyara Wanga with the signed contract for Kolab Curaçao.
Entrance from the Kolektivo Festival at Landhuis Chobolobo.
Cindy van Lieshout-Eman presenting at a luncheon for the Dutch representative.
Gilberto Morishaw presenting at the Ban Topa in the Netherlands at 
The Social Hub The Hague.
The Kolektivo team at the Next Web event (a tech/innovation festival).
First test run of the Kolektivo App.
Ayrton Sambo setting-up weather stations around the island of Curaçao.
Nigelino da Costa Gomez, Jaswant Mirpuri and Ruben Russel at the the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris.


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